Mark Stitzer's 1932 Ford 5-Window

South San Francisco, CA

Mark is a car guy. He has been collecting cars (340 of them) for at least 15 years. Mark is a real fan of GM cars. His collection includes Tri-Five Chevys, Nomads, a couple of Yenko cars and the first car he ever owned, a 1968 Chevelle SS. He also likes early Fords. There are stalls for his 31 on Deuce rails, a 40 coupe and a 2 door sedan, a 36 3-window and 5-window and a couple of 34’s. Marks favorite car magazine is the Rodders Journal. The feature on a coupe with an Ardun caught his eye and he said to himself, I need to call Brizio’s. Well, five years later he made that call. So now his 5-window is under way. The United Pacific body will be powered by a 471-blown Ardun flathead. Three 97 Stromberg carbs will sit on top of the blower. Coupled with an S-10 five speed trans and a Winters V8 quick change rear end, this car should really fly. We are hoping this project will be a neat addition to his already fabulous collection.

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