Bob Fish's 1932 Ford Roadster

Bob has a 50 year hot rodding history having built a ’32 Ford pickup as a teenager. He came to it naturally as his high school job was working for Gene Scott of Antique Auto in Southern California. He has wanted to do a roadster pickup ever since and has his eye on Brizio Street Rods to do the build. The project will be a bit unique as it will be a Brookville body, powered by a Rousch 351 Ford and Tremic 5-speed trans. Kugel Components independent front and rear suspension will be under all four fenders. Keep an eye on this one. Read more about Bob Fish's 1932 Ford Roadster

Bob Fish's 1947 Ford Pickup

Bob also brought us a very cool pickup that has been living at his winery in St. Helena CA. Bob asked Roy to make it a “bullet proof” every day driver. So out will come the original flathead and the rest of the drive train. The truck will now be powered by a small block Chevy mated to a 5-speed. New Posie super slide springs, a Ford 9 inch rear end, disc brakes and a GM steering box will put it back on the road. The pickup will look stock, but it sure won’t drive that way. Read more about Bob Fish's 1947 Ford Pickup


Mark Stitzer's 1932 Ford 5-Window

Mark is a car guy. He has been collecting cars (340 of them) for at least 15 years. Mark is a real fan of GM cars. His collection includes Tri-Five Chevys, Nomads, a couple of Yenko cars and the first car he ever owned, a 1968 Chevelle SS. He also likes early Fords. There are stalls for his 31 on Deuce rails, a 40 coupe and a 2 door sedan, a 36 3-window and 5-window and a couple of 34’s. Marks favorite car magazine is the Rodders Journal. The feature on a coupe with an Ardun caught his eye and he said to himself, I need to call Brizio’s. Well, five years later he made that call. So now his 5-window is under way. The United Pacific body will be powered by a 471-blown Ardun flathead. Three 97 Stromberg carbs will sit on top of the blower. Coupled with an S-10 five speed trans and a Winters V8 quick change rear end, this car should really fly. We are hoping this project will be a neat addition to his already fabulous collection. Read more about Mark Stitzer's 1932 Ford 5-Window

Jay Feero 1933 Ford Cabriolet

During high school, one of Jay’s classmate’s fathers had a ’33 convertible. It ran a ’59 A with Sharp heads, Meyer’s carbs and Delong headers. Jay admired that car and promised himself he would have one something like it someday. Nearly 60 years later that promise is under way at Brizio Street Rods. In the form of an American Speed’s 33 body, V8 quick change rear end, 4 wheel disc brakes and a small block Chevy, Jay may be traveling “back to the future”. Read more about Jay Feero 1933 Ford Cabriolet


Larry Carter's 1932 Lincoln Vicky

We are not sure how long Larry has had this Lincoln, but we think what brought it out of storage is the 32 and 33 Lincolns we did over the last two years. The chassis will be about the same, all-independent suspension. The big difference, a new Ford Mustang Coyote motor fit between the frame rails. As you can see from the pictures, there is a lot of work to do. But hey, we’re used to it. Think how cool it will be to see all three of these Lincoln’s together at one of our shop parties. Read more about Larry Carter's 1932 Lincoln Vicky


John Thompson's - 1953 Buick Woodie

Originally, John was looking for a woodie wagon to have restored. What he came across was a ’49 Chrysler T&C woodie convertible, a car he has dreamed about. What made thisT&C special was it was once owned by “The Boss, Bruce Springsteen”. Now, John has found his wagon, a 1953 Buick. John wants his cars to be drivable show cars, not trailer queens, and have them as close to original as practical. Keep up with the build by checking this site as the build goes along. Read more about John Thompson's - 1953 Buick Woodie

Nigel & Jaki Carroll's 1932 Ford Hiboy

Longtime friend and personal assistant to Eric Clapton, Nigel Carroll has overseen the construction of seven of Eric's Hot Rods built by us during the past 15 years. He is a frequent visitor to the shop, but he never dreamt he would end up owning a Brizio built '32 Hi Boy. This Hi Boy came about by chance, Eric wanted to change the appearance of his '32 Roadster from baby blue with white interior to black with burgundy, he also wanted front and rear independent suspension. As a result of this radical change to Eric's roadster, Nigel inherited the rolling chassis and a complete Sid Chavers interior as a gift from Eric. Nigel purchased the Brookville body from Steve Coonan at Rodders Journal who also contributed the unique "Rodder's Journal" gauges. Roy contributed parts from his used parts stash including the original '32 grill, and Darrell Hollenbeck painted it in blue primer with cream accents. The engine is a Ford 351 Windsor coupled to a Tremic 5 speed. Proof that dreams do sometimes come true! Read more about Nigel & Jaki Carroll's 1932 Ford Hiboy