John Mumford's 1932 Ford 3-Window

John likes to put a theme to a lot of the cars he has built. You may remember the ’32 coupe he did with a Chevy Impala look, complete with a 409 big block, Impala hub caps and an interior that looks like it was pulled from a ’63 Chev. This time it’s a Cadillac theme. The engine is from a 1955 El Dorado. That model had a 331 cubic inch block and came with two four barrel carb’s. The dash has been restored from a ’50 Cad and fit into the stock Ford dash. The hub caps will be sombreros from a ’59. And again, the interior will look like it did in a Cady. It's clear John thinks outside the box. Read more about John Mumford's 1932 Ford 3-Window

Scott Gillen's 1932 Ford Roadster

Scott has a creative mind, whether he’s designing cars or houses. His ’32 three window is a work of art and his ‘50 shoebox has a number of subtle changes that have to be studied before you can see them. For a change, this one will be straight forward, a drive everyday work horse. A small block Ford and a 5-speed trans will take him anywhere he wants to go. The powder painted suspension pieces will give him durability from harsh road conditions. Even the paint will be easy to care for, looking like it’s been sitting out for years. The only thing missing is the rock chips on the windshield. Follow the build to see how new looks old. Read more about Scott Gillen's 1932 Ford Roadster

Eric Clapton's "Thunderbolt and Litefoot"

Thunderbolt and Litefoot look alike Project
Eric was watching an old movie called Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. It stared Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges, among others. There is a scene where the two stars are riding in the back of an old Ford pickup. The truck is all beat up, all in primer and looking as cool as can be. Eric fell in love with this truck and wanted one just like it. The chassis and running gear are all new and dependable. The body is being duplicated from pictures from the movie. Darrell Hollenbeck is doing a masterful job in creating the patina look to the cab and bed. He has made the fenders look like the ones on the truck as well with dents, rips and welds. Follow the build to see what the project ends up looking like and if you happen to go to Eric’s latest tour, check out the tour shirt with a drawing of the back side of the P/U with an amp and guitar in the back. Read more about Eric Clapton's "Thunderbolt and Litefoot"


David and Peg Farmer's 1934 Ford Vicky

David and Peg had a dream of owning a 33 or 34 Ford Vicky. In 1987, they set out on a trip to locate one. Their mission had them traveling thru seven states and a lot of disappointment. However, they never lost that dream. Move the clock forward to 2014. While thumbing thru a Goodguys Gazette, a Vicky caught their eye. The Vicky was purchased sight unseen and the dream was alive. The one stipulation with each other before the purchase was that the car would be built at Brizio Street Rods. After talking with Roy and getting his “no problem”, the project is underway. Once again, it pays to never give up on your dreams. Read more about David and Peg Farmer's 1934 Ford Vicky


Chuck Thornton's 37 Ford Cord

Chuck is a super customer of ours. We built him a couple of 34 Fords a few years back. Both cars had the best of everything including four wheel independent suspensions. On this project, Chuck has raised the bar. This time it’s a 1937 Cord. Not just any Cord, but one that will rival almost any new car off the show room floor. While the car may look stock when finished, looking closer you will find an LS1 Corvette motor and a Porsche Tip Tronic four speed trans axle automatic transmission. A one off custom independent front wheel drive front end and a ’93 Cadillac independent rear should give this beauty a smooth ride. Note in the pictures how the motor is mounted in the chassis backwards. This is because of the trans axle location. The Cord has been a dream of Chucks for some time now, and we are working to make that dream come true. Read more about Chuck Thornton's 37 Ford Cord


Austin Beutner's 1950 Chevrolet PickUp

Austin thinks variety is the spice of life. He is having us build him a 50 Chevy pickup to keep his 32 Roadster and 67 Camaro company. Austin saw the 49 Chevy pickup we did for Eric Clapton and he fell in love with it. While Eric’s truck had some custom features, Austin’s truck will be closer to stock looking. Knowing Austin, he will pick up the pickup and drive it home to Santa Monica, just like he did with the Roadster. Keep checking back to see how it’s coming. Read more about Austin Beutner's 1950 Chevrolet PickUp