Vic Edelbrock's 1932 Ford Roadster

The car that launched the Edelbrock Corporation more than 60 years ago has been completely restored by famed car builder Roy Brizio and made its debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in the Edelbrock booth in 2003.

The legendary car, a 1932 Ford Roadster, is the very one Vic Edelbrock Sr. would race on the dry lake beds in Southern California, where he developed his reputation as a racer and a builder of performance components. The Roadster was the company's original test vehicle and perhaps one of the first-ever cars used to develop aftermarket performance products.

"This is my dad's original car," said Vic Edelbrock Jr., president and CEO of Torrance, Calif.-based Edelbrock Corporation. "During the week, it was the family car, but on the weekends, my dad used it to race and test the manifolds and heads he was developing. It's been completely restored to its original state, racing trim and all."

According to Vic, the Roadster (with prototype Edelbrock manifolds) burned up the dry lake beds in the early 1940s. Among its best runs was a 121.42 miles per hour blast on Nov. 16, 1941, at Rosamond Dry Lake, just three weeks before the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Founded in 1938 by Vic Edelbrock Sr., Torrance, Calif.-based Edelbrock Corp. (NASDAQ NM: EDEL) is celebrating its 65th anniversary of manufacturing and marketing the highest quality aftermarket performance automotive and motorcycle products.

Edelbrock's ever-expanding product line now features more than 7,500 performance products for domestics and imports, including nitrous systems, fuel rails, throttle bodies, exhaust headers, camshafts, fuel pumps, aluminum manifolds, turbos, exhaust systems, suspension and shocks, EFI systems, aluminum cylinder heads, water pumps, crate engines, brake and fuel lines and fluid transfer products. Edelbrock also manufactures parts for Harley- Davidson and other motorcycles, plus ATVs.

Edelbrock is recognized as a driving force in the $28 billion specialty equipment industry. In addition to four production facilities in Torrance, the company owns and operates a state-of-the art foundry in San Jacinto, Calif. Edelbrock's core product line of performance-enhancing engine, suspension and exhaust system parts, which make up The Total Power Package(r), are made in the USA. Edelbrock is also a manufacturer of racing products and a sponsor of several racing organizations, including NASCAR, the NHRA and the PRO-Edelbrock Race Series. Read more about Vic Edelbrock's 1932 Ford Roadster

Nick Testa's 1933 Ford Roadster

Nick’s latest project is a 1933 Ford Roadster. A TCI chassis with independent front and rear suspension is the foundation for the 33 Speed body. Fenders, running boards and bumpers give it that classic look. A Don Hardy LS3 with dual Holley throttle body carbs will power this beauty. Nick drives the heck out of his cars, so the power windows and Vintage Air A/C will keep him comfy going down the road. Read more about Nick Testa's 1933 Ford Roadster

An afternoon with “Uncle Roy” at Brizio Street Rods

Growing up in South San Francisco, Roy Brizio had big shoes to fill. His dad, Andy Brizio was an internationally known figure in the colorful world of 1960s and 70s era American hot rodding. Known as “The Rodfather,” Andy Brizio basically put Northern California, and South San Francisco in particular on the map as hot rod Mecca. Andy’s “Champion Speed Shop” on old Mission Road was a rallying point for go fast guys like Jim McLennan, “Terrible” Ted Gotelli, Tommy “The Greek” Hrones, the Organ Grinders Car Club, Masters & Richter, Kent Fuller and countless others.

Scott Gillen's 1932 Sedan Delivery

Scott likes hot rods that are just a little funky and just a little different. He found a 32 two door that had been turned into a sedan delivery. After driving the car for a while, he decided to give it more poop. We redid the chassis, added a small block Ford and kept the funk going with an early quick change rear end. The top had been given a slight chop and the spare tire fender was filled. While nothing is going to change on the outside, the foundation and drive train will be up to driving every day. And drive it every day is just what Scott will do. Read more about Scott Gillen's 1932 Sedan Delivery

Hot Rod Builder Roy Brizio Tells Us How to Build For 40 Years

In a Rolling Stone article a few years ago, seminal guitar player Jeff Beck said he almost quit playing guitar to go to work building hot rods at Roy Brizio’s South San Francisco shop. There is almost a cult to the building of cars from Roy Brizio Street Rods. Roy’s been one of the most prolific builders of hot rods ever. In the 40 years he has been in the building business, he’s become the king of the 1932 Ford, but he’s built a lot more than just Deuces. Read more about Hot Rod Builder Roy Brizio Tells Us How to Build For 40 Years


Grand National Roadster Show - 2016

It’s early January which means we are busy here at Brizio Street Rods. We have six new projects that will be shown for the first time. And for as long as we can remember, no roadsters. Two 32 3-window coupes, one 5-window, a Chevy pickup and a Cord. One of the 3-windows is the lasted project we’ve done for Eric Clapton. Check out some recent shots from the shop and look for the finished products in Pomona at the end of Jan.

Join us for a tour of photos Read more about Grand National Roadster Show - 2016

Fred And Scott Hawley - 56 Chevrolet

If you ever noticed, when you go to a car show or parking lot show, it seems all tri-five Chevy’s have a big block or small block in them. Fred and Scott (father and son) wanted something different. Their 56-210 sedan, sitting on a Morrison Chassis, is going to be powered by a 6 cylinder. A 292 cubic inch, turbo charged, water and alcohol cooled 6 cylinder. Keep your eyes on this build; it is going to be something. Read more about Fred And Scott Hawley - 56 Chevrolet