An afternoon with “Uncle Roy” at Brizio Street Rods

Growing up in South San Francisco, Roy Brizio had big shoes to fill. His dad, Andy Brizio was an internationally known figure in the colorful world of 1960s and 70s era American hot rodding. Known as “The Rodfather,” Andy Brizio basically put Northern California, and South San Francisco in particular on the map as hot rod Mecca. Andy’s “Champion Speed Shop” on old Mission Road was a rallying point for go fast guys like Jim McLennan, “Terrible” Ted Gotelli, Tommy “The Greek” Hrones, the Organ Grinders Car Club, Masters & Richter, Kent Fuller and countless others.

Hot Rod Builder Roy Brizio Tells Us How to Build For 40 Years

In a Rolling Stone article a few years ago, seminal guitar player Jeff Beck said he almost quit playing guitar to go to work building hot rods at Roy Brizio’s South San Francisco shop. There is almost a cult to the building of cars from Roy Brizio Street Rods. Roy’s been one of the most prolific builders of hot rods ever. In the 40 years he has been in the building business, he’s become the king of the 1932 Ford, but he’s built a lot more than just Deuces. Read more about Hot Rod Builder Roy Brizio Tells Us How to Build For 40 Years


Grand National Roadster Show - 2016

It’s early January which means we are busy here at Brizio Street Rods. We have six new projects that will be shown for the first time. And for as long as we can remember, no roadsters. Two 32 3-window coupes, one 5-window, a Chevy pickup and a Cord. One of the 3-windows is the lasted project we’ve done for Eric Clapton. Check out some recent shots from the shop and look for the finished products in Pomona at the end of Jan.

Join us for a tour of photos Read more about Grand National Roadster Show - 2016