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Bonneville - 2009

John Mumford and Roy Brizio Bonneville 2009
In August, John Mumford and Roy visited the salt flats for the second time. Their goal was to up their license to 175 MPH. They both achieved their goal by eclipsing 177 MPH. And they did it with no mishaps, like the door opening at 160 MPH as it did on Roy last year. John’s coupe ran great. There was an interested spectator in their pits, famed funny car driver Ron Capps. As you can tell from the pictures, he looks right at home behind the wheel, and judging from the look in his eyes, you will see his name again at Bonneville

Michigan Street Rod Association visits Roy Brizio Street Rods

Every two years or so, the MSRA travels to California to visit hot rod shops, car collectors stables and LA Roadsters Fathers Day event. Charlie Rose put together a heck of a list of places to stop while in Northern California. 36 devoted car guys were going to Steve Catelli’s barns in the wine country, Arlen Ness, famed motorcycle builder and the collection of Al Engel. Their first stop was at Brizio Street Rods. Roy, Dave Catalini and Jim Vickery came in on Sunday, the 12th of June, to greet and show them around the operation. An added treat was a tour of John Mumford’s personal car collection. As you can see by the photos, there was plenty to look at.

Earlier News - How it all began

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