Rods in Progress - Dec 2011

Roy Brizio Street Rods is finishing the year with a bang. The Grand National Roadster Show is coming in January, and we are finishing up seven new cars for the show. Each year we burn the midnight oil to make sure our customers can take part in the most prestigious hot rod and custom show in the land. This year we have quite a selection of vehicles. Take a look at the list of cars.

Fred and Scott Hawley’s 1956 Chevy
Paul Bonderson’s 1939 Ford Pick Up
Charles Nearburg’s 1932 Ford Vicky
Eric Clapton’s 1923 Ford 4 door Vicky
Mark and Dennis JR Mariani’s 1932 Ford 2 Door Sedan
James Holmes’ 1933 Ford Coupe

If you are anywhere near Southern California, like within 1000 miles, you need to check out The Grand National Roadster Show the last week in January. It will be worth the trip. You can also check how these cars and others got to where they are in the Rods in Progress section