Grand National Roadster Show - 2015

Once again, Brizio Street Rods had a number of new projects on display in Pomona. Getting six hot rods 400 miles south is no easy task. However, Ricky is the man when it comes to hauling. This is possibly the only time you will see these cars in a trailer. In April, at least four of these cars will be on the road to Texas, along with a number of friends and customers. All owners walked away with hardware.

Scott Hawly - 1932 Ford Sedan and 1955 Chevy
Scott Gillen - 1950 Ford Coupe
David Farmer - 1932 5 Window Coupe
Eric Clapton - 1932 Ford Roadster
John Mumford - 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe
Dickie Michaels - 1932 Ford Roadster
United Pacific - 1932 5 Window Coupe

Swing by the shop if you are in San Francisco to check out the latest projects and next years winners.