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Grand National Roadster Show - 2017

Every January, Brizio Street Rods heads to Southern California for the Grand National Roadster Show. This year we showed six projects that were recently finish by the talented guys at RBSR’s. This year’s groups were all award winners...

Grand National Roadster Show - 2016

It’s early January which means we are busy here at Brizio Street Rods. We have six new projects that will be shown for the first time. And for as long as we can remember, no roadsters. Two 32 3-window coupes, one 5-window, a Chevy pickup and a Cord. One of the 3-windows is the lasted project we’ve done for Eric Clapton. Check out some recent shots from the shop and look for the finished products in Pomona at the end of Jan.

Join us for a tour of photos

Grand National Roadster Show - 2015

Once again, Brizio Street Rods had a number of new projects on display in Pomona. Getting six hot rods 400 miles south is no easy task. However, Ricky is the man when it comes to hauling. This is possibly the only time you will see these cars in a trailer. In April, at least four of these cars will be on the road to Texas, along with a number of friends and customers. All owners walked away with hardware.

29th Annual Shop Open House - 2014

On Saturday, May 10th, Brizio’s held their open house for the 29th year in a row. We were also celebrating our 37th year in business. All day and into the evening we were catching up with old friends and hopefully made some new friends. Check out the following pictures from the night before as we prepared the shop for the show. There are always plenty of projects to look at, so if you’re in the area, please stop by.

NHRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Roy Brizio

At the 2013 CALIFORNIA HOT ROD REUNION, Roy was presented with the NHRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Roy has been dedicated to the sport of hot Rodding almost all his life, where he started out working at his dad’s speed shop as a teen. At twenty he opened Roy Brizio Street Rods where he and his crew have turned out hundreds of hot rods over the last thirty five years. While many have won countless awards, including two America’s Most Beautiful Roadster awards, Roy’s focus has always been about building cars that can be driven thousands of miles a year. While the quality of builds speaks for themselves, Roy is extremely proud of the fact that most of his customers come back as lifelong friends.

Goodguys visits Roy Brizio Street Rods

The 27th Annual West Coast Nationals were held in Pleasanton CA over the last weekend in Aug. During the week of the event, The Goodguys puts on tours to various shops around the Bay Area. This year they stopped by Brizio’s to catch up on our latest projects. The visitors were treated to lunch and the run of the shop. Roy’s employees answered questions and gave the inside scoop on a number of projects. We’re not sure how many people toured the shop, but we went thru 300 hotdogs and drinks. Feel free to stop by anytime you are in the area.

Deuce Days 2013

Every three years Victoria BC hosts DEUCE DAYS, a celebration of, but not limited to 1932 vehicles. Brizio Street Rods was the starting point for 15 of those cars heading north. Roy’s claim to fame is building cars that can be driven almost anywhere. Case in point, most of the cars pictured were built at Brizio’s. You can add a number of others as they hook up with those leaving from other parts of the Bay Area. The trip will make stops in Redding CA and Portland OR before they get to Canada

Grand National Roadster Show - 2013


The 64th Annual GRAND NATIONAL ROADSTER SHOW was held the last weekend in January. For hot rodders, this is the World Series and Super Bowl rolled into one. The "Team Brizio" built 27 Track Nosed Roadster for John Mumford was crowned

Grand National Roadster Show - 2012

Since the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show, we have been very busy here at Brizio Street Rods. With some of the projects in progress and a couple starting new, the goal was to finish seven new entries for the 63rd Annual GNRS. As you can see from the photos, the variety is wide spread. While all seven placed very well in their classes, there was one SPECIAL award that was given to Eric Clapton’s 1932 four door Vicky, the Al Slonaker Award.

Rods in Progress - Dec 2011

Roy Brizio Street Rods is finishing the year with a bang. The Grand National Roadster Show is coming in January, and we are finishing up seven new cars for the show. Each year we burn the midnight oil to make sure our customers can take part in the most prestigious hot rod and custom show in the land. This year we have quite a selection of vehicles. Take a look at the list of cars.